A Bitcoin mixer (Cryptocurrency tumbler), also known as a Bitcoin Tumbler (Blender), is an intermediary software platform that sits between you as the sender and the recipient during a Bitcoin transaction. Its work is randomizing the coins sent so that when they get to the receiver, they cannot be traced back to your Bitcoin wallet.

We all know privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to the internet. Cryptocurrency mixer allow you to conduct safe and anonymous Bitcoin transactions without the risk of exposing your details. They allow you to hide the connection between your Bitcoin transactions and your real-life identity on your Bitcoin address.

How do Bitcoin Mixers work and
how to you use a Bitcoin Tumbler?

1.You will have to create a wallet using your real identity over the internet, then buy some Bitcoins and deposit them to the wallet.

2.You will make another Bitcoin wallet through the TOR browser, and directly transfer the coins from the first wallet to the second wallet.

3.You will create a third wallet linked to the Bitcoin mixer service and over the TOR browser.

Next, you will research the best Bitcoin mixer, for example Ensure that you choose a Bitcoin Tumbler that works for you. After you have decided, create an order at the desired Bitcoin Tumbler and get a newly generated deposit address.

Now, you can send your Bitcoin from your second wallet to the generated address on the mixer. It is best to ensure that the transaction is done on a TOR browser with the JavaScript disabled. Do not transact Bitcoin via any crypto tumbler that requires you to enable your browser’s JavaScript.

The coins are then sent to the mixer, which then anonymizes that through blending with other coins on a blockchain, before sending them to the third wallet. It is now from the third wallet that you can send the Bitcoin to the intended destination. The process ensures that your transactions remain anonymous and your privacy maintained.

    How many People use Bitcoin Mixers?

Bitcoin mixers (coin mixer) are quite common, especially with this era of internet privacy. A few years back, there was a common myth that only cyber criminals should be concerned about their privacy. Thats not true. Privacy is crucial, and every internet user needs to protect theirs.

Many third-party firms, such as advertising platforms and businesses, continually search for people’s private information to customize their adverts. After all, we are in the information era. To prevent such third-parties from accessing information, many people opt to use anonymizing software to keep their financial lives private.

That said, Bitcoin tumblers (mixer tumbler / mixing tumbler) are quite common these days, and anyone with a regard for their privacy uses them. A lot of people transacting Bitcoin these days use these anonymizer services for one reason or the other. Ultimately, it keeps them and their information safe from malicious attacks on the internet.



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